Fall of 2008 was a very difficult time in America. In New York City – the epicenter of finance,
the streets were buzzing of the Lehman Brothers going bankrupt; young smart analysts out of
jobs; family-type firms firing long-standing employees; a stock market at suicidal lows; and an
election in November that was raising national tension levels to the point where many thought
it would either make or break the country.

In a rather successful real estate firm, Marianne Quinn’s growing anxiety over her job, her
security, her loneliness and her friends’ different paths seem to come to a head. Then she
opens the door to Jack. Jack-the seemingly opposite person that Marianne would ever
surround herself with-quickly becomes a yin to her yang. Both Jack and Mari find that they are
asking questions about each other and themselves, realizing that there’s no addiction quite
like attraction.

That’s it for them both – they are sold. And from here on in, it’s the two of them against
whatever anxiety, family, fear or crisis comes their way. But when opposites distract, how far
can they get without letting the differences divide?
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