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Bobby Cannonnolli is a parole officer.  He is a Father. He is a Husband. He is a
man struggling to find his place in life.  

At its heart "Nicky Newark" is the search for one’s own self worth.  It’s the exploration of decisions that we
all make in life that can keep us from finding our true value and what is important to us.  
Who does Bobby owe his loyalty to; His Wife, His Boss, His Daughter, His Passion, or Himself?  

Set the camera up and let the story unfold is the approach taken with this film;
something not explored too often in modern day big budget cinema.

“Nicky Newark” is a film done in the style of true independent films.  Pulling heavily from the independent
film hits of the 90's there are no huge budgets and no big names, only actors living and inhabiting the
characters in order to tell the story and let it unfold.
Please enjoy these two examples of
music from the film.  Both were
performed by
"The Drop" a
collaboration of Nick DeMatteo and
Daniel Cousins.

Scream-is Bobby's main theme
thoughout the film and is performed
by Nick DeMatteo.

So Far Away-is a cover of the song
by Staind.  This song is the "love
theme" of the film and is performed
by Dave LaRosa.
The article that ran on the
Front Page of The Record
in the Arts and Leisure section
on Saturday April 9th, 2011
for the premiere of
"Nicky Newark".
Nick, Janine,Kate,& Dave at the
Golden Door Film Festival of
Jersey City
in October of 2011 where
Nicky Newark was accepted and
nominated for Best Screenplay.
Nick, Janine, Kate, and Dave are interviewed by
ForTalent.com at the opening ceremonies of The
Golden Door International Film Festival on
October 21st 2011 at the Landmark Jersey City
Loews movie theater.

Feenix Films' "Nicky Newark" was an Official
Selection at the festival and was also Nominated
for Best Screenplay.
Janine is interviewed by ForTalent.com on how it
feels to be at The Golden Door Intl' Film Festival
of Jersey City. This was at the awards ceremony
on October 16th, 2011 at the Landmark Jersey
City Loews movie theater.