Alex Santos Alonso
Director of Photography
Welcome all fans of Feenix Films to my little nook of the internet. Here’s a little bit about myself,
you guys and gals might find interesting. I’m a man of fate and destiny. I believe we all have
guidance by some greater force and the Force is strong with this padwan. I started out by writing
my first real story in 3rd grade. It was about my little brother and I sneaking downstairs on
Christmas morning. I won a few shiny gold stars for creativity in my class but more importantly my
Grandmother framed the story and hung it on a wall in her office. That led to my family buying me
comic books to keep those creative juices flowing. Does it get any better at that age? I didn’t think
so.  Over my school years I excelled at any creative class I had (“Creative” was the key word).

Some might be asking, so when did you start in Film? My response would be, don’t interrupt me; I
still have some story to tell. Shortly after high school I moved into New York City and I caught the
Bug. You’ve heard of it, The Acting Bug. I began attending classes at HB Studios. I studied there
for over two years and other acting workshops throughout the city. Fate brought David LaRosa
into my life again. He told me about this great little workshop he was in called, The Fourth Wall. I
joined and did a few workshops with some really great people. During one of my workshops I hurt
my knee and could not participate the way I wanted to. The workshop asked me to help out by
being a stage manager. This was a totally new spin on what I already loved doing. I fell in love
with the other side of the process I decided I wanted to give directing a shot.

So how does a start up director begin to make films without any scripts?  There was only one
answer for me. So I began writing my own films, commercials, an animation story line and I even
wrote a comic book story line as well. With the lack of support from those people that claimed to
be motivated, I decided to take a break. Another fateful day found me while at work. I had a very
interesting conversation with a customer that I just sold a television to.  “Thanks Richie!” He told
me that I had a lot in common with his father and his father had his own production studio. So I
went to meet his father, Billy Diamond.  Billy offered me an internship in an absolutely amazing
studio. I took him up on that offer.  I have been with the studio for close to a year when I notice a
great little message on Face book from Mr. LaRosa.  David has been making some tremendous
progress with his own projects and started up a production company known as Feenix Films!! So I
decided to reach out and see what he had to offer. So here I am…
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"Nicky Newark"
-Director of Photography
Assistant Director

"The Basement"

-Assistant Director


"Nicky Newark"


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