David LaRosa
Feenix Films President
& Founding Member
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-Director,Co-Writer, Co-Creator

"Nicky Newark"
-Director, Writer,  Executive Producer

-Executive Producer

"The Basement"




Robert the Vampire

"Nicky Newark"
Bobby Cannonnolli



Special Agent Mackenrowe
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Dave grew up in a northern suburb of New Jersey.  The 80's provided a wealth of creative
stimulation for a child of that time and Dave was no exception.  Often being picked for
school plays or elected to Student Council positions throughout his education he soon
entered College at Montclair State University and majored in political science.  In Dave's
junior year he re-discovered his love of acting and decided that a career in politics was
not for him-although in the end he felt "what's the difference?"

Finding structured education was not helping him become the actor he wanted to be,
Dave left Montclair State and began seeking out teachers who he felt had a more
practical and "real-world" approach to acting.  Dave has studied with little known to well
known teachers and has been able to fashion a tapestry of acting styles which he feels
best suits his constant obsessive drive for "entertaining realism".  Dave has  appeared
and been involved in a myriad of theater, film, and t.v. work -everything from musical
theater to studio films. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Political
Science. He also obtained his Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University.

The more Dave was exposed to the acting world the more he grew restless and weary with the
current industry standard and the nature of the business. He soon decided that he
wanted to create a new way of doing things.  Dave's first attempt was The Granite Theater
Company which he founded and produced with Janine Laino in 2006 and 2007.
However the idea of a film company with a diverse group of people working towards a
singular goal grew more appealing to Dave due to the feeling of community and sovereignty
that could be instilled into its members.  

He soon contacted Nick DeMatteo & Janine Laino, with Kate McGrath joining soon thereafter, and
Feenix Films was formed.
Dave interviewed by the Heckler Kane Podcast, where he discusses
producing, directing, making indie film, running a production company,
and more!
Dave interviewed on ABC/FOX in Burlington
Vermont for the showing of CLANDESTINE.
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