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DEALeR  represents another step in
our evolution as a film company.  
When Feenix Films was started we
wanted to be able to help out fellow
artists who were struggling for
recognition.  With DEALeR we set out
to not only have indie musicians
represented but also indie artists who
supplied the work you see below. We
want to thank them for their fantastic
by Meghan Ward McGrath
"Mathew 6:10"
by Meghan Ward McGrath
by Meghan Ward McGrath
by Meghan Ward McGrath
Meghan Ward McGrath
Artist and Published Illustrator
McGrath works are all dated 2012
Each are 30”H x 40”w
by Meghan Ward McGrath
Marty Carr
Carr works are all dated 2011
Each are 22”H x 28”W
by Marty Carr
by Marty Carr
by Marty Carr
by Marty Carr
"A human zygote is a single celled organism for which
people will give their lives to insist is the beginning of
life. A human zygote is a single celled organism for
which people will give their lives to insist is not the
beginning of life. This argument divides our nation. It
creates bad blood. There is a lot of yelling and anger.
And this is how it should be when questioning the
meaning of life. But at some point, we stop thinking
about the zygote, usually after it is born."
"I noticed this year, just how materialistic our
society is. We will forgo a meal with our families
to line up in the dark and the cold get the best
deal on electronic devices that isolate us from
one another, while keeping us “connected.” If it
didn‟t happen on Facebook, did it happen?
Thank you, Zuck, may I have another?"
"This is the third painting in the series, but the first one
that was finished. The buttons made of human bone really
bothered me, so much so, that I accosted an attendant at
the ICA and demanded to know how this was legal. The
attendant assured me it was, and the artist had gotten the
bones online, and “used them with great respect.” How
disposable are we supposed to be? Someone‟s family
member was reduced to buttons in the name of art, and
other viewers didn‟t seem to think this was enough of an
issue to question it. I wonder which side of the abortion
question those people fell on."
"What happens to us after we die is
the eternal debate. Maybe we go to
heaven. Maybe there is no heaven.
Maybe we‟ll all come back as buttons.
That‟d teach us."