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The Music
Project Skyward
Project Autumn
pillow theory
The Mystic Underground
Tara McGrath
The Invisible Kid
In Cadeo
(now known as Northern Bells)
Howling Rabbits
Her Vanished Grace
Ted Ganung
Faded Paper Figures
The Drop
Dead Leaf Echo
Black Suit Youth
After School Spaceship
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Business of Ferrets
Sky Parade
Under the Elephant
Jo Yi
Bethpage Black
Intimate Stranger
DEALeR  represents another step in
our evolution as a film company.  
When Feenix Films was started we
wanted to be able to help out fellow
artists who were struggling for
recognition.  By having all of these
great indie-music artists contribute
their songs to
DEALeR, we've taken
that next step.  Thank you to them all
for their contributions.