Janine Laino
Janine has been involved with her love of performing
as early as the age of 5 when her parents enrolled
her in her first dance class.  Born and
raised in Long Island, her passion and training in dance
as well as her training in violin gave her
many opportunities as a child growing up.  If
she wasn't dancing or acting in her school plays,
she was in the orchestra playing violin.  

She has studied with many acting teachers in NYC
and learned a variety of different acting techniques. Eric Loeb, one of
her first teacher's, in fact had a tremendous impact on Janine and that
experience made her want to continue acting and a variety of other
creative pursuits. One of these was the founding of The Granite Theater
Company in 2007 with David LaRosa.

Janine has been in musicals such as
Guys and Dolls, and made her New York City debut in  
Sexual Perversity in Chicago. She also has a variety of
other theater,film and t.v. credits.

Janine has a degree as a licensed massage therapis from The Swedish
Institute in NYC.  Her degree has given her the flexibility to pursue her
passion and has given her the knowledge to help people and bring
positivity to their life.
Feenix Films credits


-Jovana in "Ralph's #1 Fan"

"Nicky Newark"


"The Basement"


-Special Agent Scott

"Nicky Newark"
-Executive Producer


"The Basement"

-Executive Producer
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