Jeanine Bartel
Jeanine grew up in Long Island. Once she realized she didn't have big enough hair to
compete, (and her family moved out of state) she started a home hop that took her to
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, London and finally back to New York.

She started dancing at three but quickly realized they wouldn't let her talk, even her
counts got too loud for their liking, fortunately she found acting. She had always had
quite the imaginary world and a whole world opened up when she realized theatre class
allowed her to pretend on a greater level ...and with other people.

She started her studies at Gettysburg College and then transferred to Texas Christian
University. There she was able to create her own program, write, direct, produce and star
in a one woman show based on the life of Corrie Ten Boom, perform at the International
Shakespeare Festival in Hungary and wield a sword at the great Macbeth, study British
Film and Theatre in London, and finally, graduate Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in
Theatre/ Radio, Television and Film.

Wasting no time, a week after graduation Jeanine moved to New York to pursue her
dream. She worked for many years in all kinds of theatre, black boxes, match boxes,
Fringe, and Off-Broadway. She began studying film and developed a love for story-telling
on a smaller scale with an intimate connection. Most of her work in the past few years has
been in the indie film world and on television. She looks forward to exploring more work in
that arena and working on challenging, complex roles. Stage will always be her first love
and playing off a different audience every night is that unpredictable spark that will make
her return to it as often as invited.

Jeanine is so thankful Dave remembered a little romp we had on the floor in scene class
years ago (yes, it was during a scene) and invited her to be a part of Feenix Films. Its
wonderful to work with such a creative, talented group who care most about the work and
the community of creating something wonderful in a fun and respectful, supportive
Feenix Films credits


"It Takes All Kinds of Critters"

"Nicky Newark"

"The Basement


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