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"Lock-Load-Love" is a humorously tinged vignette styled film that focuses on the
trials and tribulations of dating and trying to find love in our modern society.   
The film opens by showing Ralph (Nick DeMatteo) and Nina (Kate McGrath) in
the all too familiar position of being the “third wheel”.   They quickly begin to take
action by signing up to the online dating website, matchdateharmony.com, and
their separate "adventures" begin.   

Their dates range from comical to moving and everything in-between.  What
often appears one way on the surface is rarely what lies directly beneath it. Will
Ralph find true love, will Nina?  Is pushing to find love out of fear, despair, and
peer-pressure the right way or is a less frenzied approach the better one?   
Ralph and Nina may discover the answers to those questions and learn some
things about life along the way.  
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