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What's New and What's Next ?
(upcoming Projects and Events featuring The Feenix Films Ensemble)

-The post-production process for "Dealer", our next feature film, is
underway.  Look for a Trailer, Web Page,
and Production Photos soon!

-The filming continues on our "Twilight Zone" inspired shorts.  
Expect a release in winter of 2012.

-Thank you to everyone who came to our Sold Out premiere on April
10, 2011 at The Kraine Theater in NYC.  We once again filled a
theater to capacity for one of our premieres and we greatly
appreciate your support and enjoyment of the film.  We had 85% of
the audience stay for the Q&A and ask insightful and interesting
questions.  The comments that rolled in over the subsequent week
were truly inspiring and we're glad the film impacted you in that way.  

-We recently added two tracks from
"Nicky Newark".  Please click
HERE to listen to them on the main "Nicky Newark" page.

-"Lock-Load-Love" can now be viewed date by date at Funny or Die!
Please swing by watch, enjoy, and hit "funny" !!

-Our next film "Dealer" was directed by Nick DeMatteo from a script
by Kate McGrath. This project began its filming in September of 2010
and wrapped in November.  Expect a late 2011/early 2012 release.
More information coming soon!

-Our previous film
"Lock-Load-Love" was accepted into the
Manhattan Film Festival and had its screening on Saturday July 24th.  
Thank you to all who came out to support!

A lot of other exciting things going on but we don't want to spoil you all

More updates coming soon!
Thanks for your interest as always.
UPDATED 09/18/12

Below is the great write up we received in
The Record Newspaper for Nicky Newark
to the Cast and Crew of
for winning an honorable mention award in the
'Narrative Feature' category at the Los Angeles Reel  
Film Festival !
UPDATED 4/15/12
UPDATED 4/11/11
UPDATED 2/09/11
UPDATED 1/15/11
UPDATED 12/08/10
UPDATED 07/25/10
UPDATED 6/01/11
UPDATED 6/23/11
Special Announcement:
We are very pleased to announce that
"Nicky Newark"
was chosen as an Official Selection at the
Golden Door Int'l Film Festival  of Jersey City,
it also received a Nomination for Best Screenplay.

We want to thank everyone who came out the screening
and who lent their support to "Nicky Newark".  As always
we appreciate you!

The four days of the festival were a tremendous
experience for us and we want to thank the festival for their
amazing effort as well.
They took what was their inaugural year and ran it like their
centennial year !
Nominated for Best Screenplay
-Thank You to Everyone who either came out in
person or lent their support for the premiere of
DEALeR. It was another great success for us
thanks to your help and we greatly appreciate it!
-We've opened up our store and you can now
DEALeR DVDs and CDs from our site.  
You can also order
Nicky Newark DVDs and
You can go the
STORE to order.
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The Basement
We are happy to announce that The Basement, the first chapter in our
Twilight Zone inspired anthology, has been accepted into the SoCal Film
Fest. The Festival runs from 9/23-10/7 and you can now view our 18
minute short which was not only chosen as an Official Selection but also
received a Nomination for best actress in Leslie Coplin who plays "Mother"
in the film. The link below will bring you to FlipsideTV website which is
hosting the films in the festival. There is a "pay to see" but the membership
is pretty cheap ($1.79 a month - a lot cheaper than an AMC movie ticket)
and you also get a week to "test drive" out the site
watching as many indie films as your heart desires.
We hope you'll enjoy the film.

Continues to make great strides, having recently been accepted as an
Offiical Selection at The Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey
City. We had a great time there last year with Nicky Newark, which was
nominated for Best Screenplay by the festival, and we are looking forward
to another great experience this year with DEALeR. Below is all of the
information for the screening, which we hope you'll be able to make.

When: Sunday October 14th at 2:45
Where: Panepinto Galleries in Jersey City
How: tkts are $10 and available at Brown Paper Tickets at the link below

American Film Market
We received confirmation earlier this month that all three of our completed
films, DEALeR, Nicky Newark, and Lock-Load-Love will be going to the
The American Film Market (AFM) in California this Fall. AFM is where films
get bought and distributed to massively sized audiences (Netflix, Fox
Searchlight, etc). We would like to thank our distributor for creating these
opportunities and believing so strongly in what we are doing. As an unique
side note, Feenix Films is turned 4 years old this month. When we started
this company we could only hope that we would be able to plan, shoot,
and finish a film. In a few short years we've gotten much further than some
thought possible and we'd like to thank everyone for their support and
generosity during this adventure.
Thank You!

As always all of your support helps us as we continue to push the
boundaries of what a dedicated and driven group can do.